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Spionul din Londra

Miniserie Spionul din Londra

London Spy

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Spionul din Londra

TMDb: 7.5/10 4,998 voturi

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London Spy 2015

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<>O poveste de dragoste între doi bărbaţi din două lumi diferite, unul din sediul Serviciilor Secrete, iar celălalt dintr-o lume a cluburilor şi a petrecerilor tipice tinerilor, va deveni un mister după ce unul dintre ei este găsit ucis.

And then there’s London Spy, the boldest of these offerings, the most psychologically complex, but ultimately exceeding the grasp of first-time showrunner Tom Rob Smith.

It starts extremely well: Ben Whishaw is Danny, a young gay man who has recently escaped a dangerous scene of excess and self-destruction, whose chance meeting and tender relationship with Alex (Edward Holcraft, an utter blank slate throughout) restores him to psychological health. Until, unfortunately, Alex is murdered, and the aftermath is equally disturbing: not only is Danny the prime suspect, he learns Alex was actually a genius codebreaker for the British Government. Danny’s efforts to uncover the truth and prove his own innocence pit him against insidious forces both home and abroad, but the series functions best as psychological thriller, instead of anything having to do with actual espionage.

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London Spy

London Spy

Anul lansării
Prima dată a difuzării9 Noembrie 2015
Durata episodului60 min
Status TVDifuzat

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